Crawling Through the Animals


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released May 20, 2011



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Already in the end of 2011 the band feel the need to alternate live activity to an early writing of a new work, a three song Ep, breaking up with the initial style and song writing techniques. With these three songs and their 23 minutes of music “12.21.12” Ep comes to light also in digital format under Memorial Records. ... more

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Track Name: Desert
Burn burn baby you gonna see this: thunders within a storm. Buildings smashed away we’re living just to waste it all... born...
Better be dead than be born... Believe? All the jealousies and convinctions, regretting what we’ve done. Cryin’ like babies ‘cause we can not buy the stars born... better be... with heart of stone the nature will rise and avenge he’s own sons from the rage of humanity ignorance and gore.
Brain-stew! Brain-stew! Brain-stew!
All of those victories are nothing compared with the grace of being loved.
Oh somehow the victorious man could not ␣nd the low. Be not pure but glorious, be more than just temporary greed and embrace what is more precious in this world yeah more precious in this damned world we’re living in.
Track Name: Pangea
We will stretch the ears to the silence we will have a genuine hunger Perhaps we will meet who’s under our soft crust We have forgotten everything We have forgotten everything Red clouds, skies of blood in the race for survival there is no price for gold, with which we build idols and cities without understanding, without hearing charity would be a simple act. A sacri␣ce and we will be united eyes that can see trough the darkness for the predator, the prey is the secret keeper of a greater truth, glides on me then drags me through the turns. There is no hatred, no love let’s create them to give us a sense let us feel safe in a fragrant incense
Track Name: River
Silence. Stop breathing for a moment and wait. Nothing compares to the peace of being so lonely time. Nothing compares to that i can remain unknown and silent. Squares and spaces, squares and bolts, spades and...
I run like bolt was my contender, i hide my eyes behind black glasses, the truth was never told, and costantly cut from the reason: got to complain into yellow eyes the logic and the charm.
Calculating the bolts forming the noise but that night has already gone. I came for nothing and there’s nothing that i
want, and burns my head while i’m running to the sun just take my ␣ame o while i’m starting at the world.
I Came for nothing and there’s nothing that i want!
Track Name: Thundra
Justice has blindfold like the hate that invades minds and souls, like the hate coming to us so strong, we can’t move from this hole, we just can take what we can and say that’s our prison where we don’t move.
And i’m dying into breath in! And i’m dying into breath out and... On and on in history we saw that gore, so i just can seem to burn already, and i just can’t get it.
No treasures to keep, in my mind, myself and then me, all that i can see is too late. Before we can make, rebuild, then change... I don’t feel any dierence to the world made out with our insticts.
There are just a few moments that we shared without rage and fear.
I extract another thorn from my heart and skin, extract another thorn from my heart and skin... so sink... from my heart and so sink i just sink sink on my own and again (exactly where i’m dying into) get lost in the thundra of our heads (exactly where i’m dying into) save us from poisons we taken to rescue cause i’m dying into...
Track Name: Tropica
We are nothing more than bones and ␣esh we’re justi␣ed to be just as human beings trapped in a ␣eld of pain. constantly driven to battles.
Nothing but the rain can wash ourselves with devotion. Save me from what i’ll become! Poison!
In my mind is growing like the newest spawn injected in my body like live wire, giving the start to my bodymachine - heart. Oh my god the poison injected is infecting our hearts.
We can not escape cause it’s in our nature to hold nothing more thana blade in hour hands, untill the day we will lose it all.
Track Name: Ocean
The world is icing, there’s no escape from those alarms that are ringin’ and blazing out. Another step that we are taking the opposite of what we might just set to done. World, my poor world! Empty roads under the storms. Oh my poor lord what didi your sons do to the earth. Nothing to do, oceans shaking. How can’t understand this? How can’t see sea shaking? Nothing to do understand this, there’s nothing you can do to help this... my poor world. You said what you said just to say it. You said what you said just to say it.... just to say it. The oceans will shake and cover all the world. Cowards insticts are guiding us to the underworld. Desires washed away with all the feelings, and that is the way the earth will shake.